Personal insurance is the term used to describe policies that protect individuals to they’re covered to do things like drive a car and own a home without risking financial ruin. Rehm Insurance & Financial Services provides quality insurance choices for families and individuals thought the state of Minnesota. We specialize in finding the right coverage for your needs, guiding you towards the best options at the best prices.



The right auto insurance policy can help get you back on the road quickly if your car is damaged or destroyed by accident, fire, theft, or other covered event. Car insurance protects your car in the event of a collision or if it is stolen. It also provides liability protection if you injure someone or damage someone’s property while you are driving your car. And it pays for some of the medical expenses that either you or your passengers would incur if there was an accident.

Discounts are often provided for drivers who fit this criteria:

> A good driving record
> Students who bring home good report cards
> Owners who drive cars with proven safety quality
> Insuring multiple drivers
> Consolidating different types of insurance through one agency

Rehm Insurance & Financial Services can insure any vehicle – from two wheels to 12 including motorcycles, classic cars, motor homes and RVs, boats, jet skis, and ATVs.
Motorcycle Insurance – Ride safe and insure your motorcycle.
ATV and Motorsport Insurance – Insurance policies that cover all your toys.
Classic Car Insurance – Your classic car is an icon. Insure it well.
RV and Mobile Home Insurance – Home insurance for your home-on-the-road.
Boat and Watercraft Insurance – Insurance coverage for the captain of the ship.


We highly recommend against having just the “state minimums” for coverage on your auto insurance. Why? To protect you in case something catastrophic happens. For instance, if someone sues you for $250,000 and you only have $25,000 of coverage, the results could be devastating.

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INSURANCE protection to help you feel secure at home 

Your home is the center of your daily life, and likely your most valuable asset. Depending on where you live –  a house, apartment, or condominium – the right home insurance policy can provide you peace of mind as well as the money you need to repair or replace your home and/or belongings. Rehm Insurance & Financial Services will help you sort through your options to get you the right coverage, the right deductible, and the most efficient package based on your individual needs.

Wondering how to you lower your homeowner premiums? Lower premiums are often available to homeowners:

> With a newer home with updated construction materials
> With a good prior homeowner’s claim history
> Who consolidate their homeowner’s and other insurance through one agency

Rehm Insurance & Financial Services can help you find insurance for all kinds of homes.
Condo Insurance – Condos have unique needs – make sure your insurance is right.
Renters Insurance – Inexpensive insurance options that make sense for renters.
Landlord Insurance – Renting your home? Protect yourself with landlord insurance.
Flood Insurance – Insurance protection that covers what many homeowner’s policies don’t.
Inland Marine Insurance – Coverage for your high value personal property.


Increase your home’s security and safety with modern smoke detectors, dead-bolt locks and an alarm system.

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You deserve quality medical care at an affordable price.

And even though we’re often reminded that healthcare costs are on the rise, its important to know that health insurance providers continue to offer more options and and creative solutions.READ MORE


Life insurance works for you in a number of ways

Not only does it protect your family when you’re gone, but it can also be used as a life tool, such as funding a child’s education or your own retirement, while you’re alive.

But what’s the best option for you—term insurance? Universal or a whole life policy with death benefit protection? Rehm can simplify the decision-making process and provide you with the right option at the right price.READ MORE


Insurance can be confusing and Rehm Insurance & Financial Services is here to help. We want to make sure you clearly understand your coverage options and know precisely what you’re paying for.  READ MORE



The right coverage lets you rest assured, so you can focus on managing and growing your business and career.



Keep those close to you healthy, safe and secure.



Get peace of mind knowing your loved ones are protected.